PPC Training Institute in Mohali

Register for Basic and Advanced PPC Training from PPC Training in Mohali to get the most from Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Twitter and Pay Per Click ads. Through our course, learn and master the PPC skills; fully optimize your accounts on various PPC Platforms and generate maximum results from PPC.

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PPC Training Institute in Mohali

PPC Training in Mohali follows the best PPC practices. We teach you how to build successful campaigns to drive huge targeted traffic to the website strategically to surpass the competition and generate maximum ROI.

In other words, show your ad only to the visitors interested in your goods or services. Exclusively take control of how much you need to pay for each click.

Learn every concept included in PPC (Pay Per Click) here right from Account setup, well-structured campaign creation to Extensive Reporting and Billing, etc.

PPC Training Institute in Mohali also teaches you how to continuously manage and monitor the expected results at regular intervals to save money.

Effectively learn how to act upon the KPIs (key performance indicators) to assess and fine-tune your PPC strategy to increase CTR and conversion rates.

Join our PPC Course in Mohali designed by real-time experts, complete certification, and work on Live-projects to obtain the much-needed practical knowledge and maximize performance. After completing the course, you are in a position to create your PPC campaigns to achieve your business goals and stand out in today’s ferocious rival online marketplace.

What is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a valuable internet advertising model used to deliver traffic to websites. With this internet model, dealers pay the publisher or the website owner only when someone clicks an advertisement. With Market Motive’s advanced PPC Training in Mohali, you will be trained in the field of PPC and Paid Search. You will be allowed to display compelling campaigns to a target audience based on their interests and displayed search history.

Eligibility for PPC Training in Mohali

PPC skills are perfect for those who seek all types of positions in paid marketing. The roles best suited to become PPC experts are marketing managers, Digital Marketing managers, marketing and sales specialists, management, engineering, business, and communication graduates, entrepreneurs, business owners.

Course Content for PPC training in Mohali

We cover every aspect of Pay Per Click which is listed below.


  • What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
  • History of PPC
  • Online vs Offline Marketing
  • How does PPC work?
  • Evolution of PPC
  • Google AdWords
  • Importance & Benefits of PPC
  • Basics of PPC
  • Yahoo Search Marketing


  • What is Keyword Research?
  • Importance of targeted keywords
  • Keywords popularity & Search Volume
  • What is bidding?
  • How to increase search position?
  • Importance of bidding techniques
  • The difference in SEO & PPC keywords
  • Selecting targeted / related keywords
  • Categorizing keywords in Ad Groups
  • What is Quality Score?
  • Bid Management
  • Competitive Analysis for bidding
  • Researching for PPC keywords
  • Analyzing competition keywords
  • PPC keywords tools and resources
  • Effect of Quality Score on bidding?
  • User-Defined bids and Automatic Bids


  • Google Adwords Account Structure
  • Language Targeting
  • Budget Management
  • Using Multiple Account
  • PPC Campaign Structure
  • Device Targeting
  • ROI Management
  • Using My Client Center (MCC)
  • Location Targeting
  • Campaign Management
  • Conversion Tracking


  • Create Effective Ads
  • Example of Effective ads
  • Ad Group Monitoring
  • Google Adwords Editor
  • Measurement of Title, Description, URL
  • Features of ads
  • Google Adwords Tool
  • Ad copy testing
  • Ad Group Creation
  • Keywords Spy


  • Campaign Performance Reports
  • Keywords Performance Reports
  • Ad group Performance Reports
  • Ads Performance Reports
  • Day Parts Reports
  • Traffic Reports

How Does PPC Work?

Before deciding on how to become a PPC expert, you require first to make up your mind on the network — like Google Ads, Bing, Facebook ads, etc. While all of them may seem the same, a PPC specialist needs to have expertise in one network since they are distinct from every other in many ways and may serve best when learned one at a time.

There are many metrics or standards that all networks adhere to rise and fall in these figures help you explain the effectiveness of your PPC campaign since there’s no uniform rule or technique that works, in the same way, overall networks. These metrics are:

Benefits of Doing the PPC Course

Our PPC training in Mohali is based on years of experience and PPC projects implemented for various customers and clients in the industry. At PPC Training in Mohali, you get to learn by working it practically. One best fact about getting trained from our Academy is that they have their In- House Digital Marketing. They give you a hands-on appearance by making you work on live clients. You also get 2 months internship certificate from our institute itself for your future growth.

Pay Per Click

After completing the PPC Training in Mohali, students would be able to devise an effective PPC strategy for any organization.

Freelancing opportunities

Once you increase information on how search engines crawl sites and rank websites you can start freelancing and make a career out of it.

Self Employed

You can start using the PPC hacks and techniques from the PPC Training Center in Mohali for the digital presence of your business learnt from the course.

PPC Career Paths

In the PPC field, there are many job opportunities such as:

  • PPC Executive
  • PPC Account Manager
  • PPC Professionals
  • PPC Assistant Manager
  • PPC Manager
  • PPC Analyst
  • SEM Executive
  • Google AdWords Manager

After completing the PPC Training in Mohali, you can get a job at any digital marketing agency, startups and top companies like Amazon, Accenture, Godaddy, etc. To get expertise in PPC, you should give notice to the client’s goals and should have good excel skills. Students with MS Excel knowledge have a clear advantage during interviews.

Why choose us for PPC Training in Mohali?

Pay Per Click is a wider field as compared to PPC. Under this, you will be learning to make ads, set up search campaigns, bid strategies, display advertising, remarketing, shopping ads, monitoring, optimizing and reporting of these paid campaigns.

  • At PPC Training in Mohali, we provide the 100% practical execution of techniques in Google AdWords along with the certifications.
  • We offer Google Adwords account and Setup done by learners
  • Live Ad Campaign Creation and practice by learners
  • Analysis of Ad Copy and Optimization by students with help of expert trainers
  • Resume Preparation for Fresher/ Experience professionals
  • Our Trainer has more than 10 Yrs of Exp. in PPC
  • We provide Adwords Interview Questions & Answers
  • We help For Google Adwords certification with a 100% Pass rate
  • We conduct a batch with a max of 6 members only
  • Classroom training available

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