Web Development Training Course in Chandigarh

Web Development Training Course in Chandigarh offers courses in web development. We offer courses at different levels to meet the expectations of the various individuals and groups from the web. Web Development Training Institute in Chandigarh has designed special training programs for the students, who are looking to increase their development skills through our development programs. Our professional experts who do have 10+ years of experience in developing websites based on the core and advanced technology will teach you every perspective of practice while developing a blog or website during the real doubt sessions.

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Web Development Training Course in Chandigarh

We offer the best Web Development Training Course in Chandigarh with the most experienced professionals. We are aware of industry demands and we are offering Web Development Course Training in Chandigarh in a more practical way. Our team of trainers offers Classroom Training and Corporate Training services. We designed our program to match the real-world needs for both beginner level to advanced level.

What Is Web Development?

We live in a world where people are entirely dependent on laptops and smartphones. Just with a poor internet connection, everything can be available nowadays. Be it online shopping, getting information, downloading music or movies, and social media. It’s all just a click away! But have you ever admired how it has become possible?

Candidates who have completed their course in web design can learn advanced concepts of website development. In a Web Development Training Course in Chandigarh, students learn to apply complex codes to the designed website, thereby allowing multiple tasks like analysis, data processing, and content management to take place.

The introduction to web development courses strives to give you the knowledge and skills to start developing your websites and web applications. The Web Development Training Course in Chandigarh also effectively focuses on the practical application of the technologies used in web development.

Who should attend?

Candidates who are looking for developing their career in development and also the job seekers, All they require is a basic knowledge of HTML for this. Also, they know about JavaScript with expert JAVA/ NET/ PHP developers who can frequent the Angular JS training. It is useful for hardcore front end developers.

  • Candidates and job seekers who are willing to build their career in development
  • The candidate needs a basic HTML knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Professional Java / .NET/ PHP Developers can join AngularJS training.
  • Advantageous for hardcore front end developers.

Course Content for Web Development Training Course in Chandigarh

Introduction to Web Technologies

• Careers in Web Technologies

• Job Roles of Web Designer and Web Developer

• How the Website Works?

• Client and Server Scripting Languages

• Website Development — Required Skills

• Flat & Dynamic Web Pages

HTML 5 Programming

• Basic Structure of HTML

• Head Section and Elements of Head

• Meta Tags

• External Link Tags

• Working with Text Formatting Tags

• Working with Images

• Anchor & Email Link

• Working with Tables Tags

• Working with Div and Span Tags

• Working with Forms

• Introduction to HTML5

• New Structure Tags

• Designing a Layout using HTML5

• HTML5 for Responsive Designs

• Relation between HTML and PHP

Styling with CSS & CSS3

• CSS Syntax

• About Inline, Internal and External CSS Script

• About Class Selector & ID Selector

• DIV + CSS Layout Design

• PSD to CSS Conversion

• About Fluid Layouts

• Transformations & Animations

• Conquer Forms with HTML5

• Introduction to CSS 3

• CSS3: Selectors, Typography, Color Modes, & CSS Gradients

• CSS3 Multiple Columns

• CSS3 Media Types

• Media Queries: Sporting Differing Viewports

Photoshop and Fireworks

• About Adobe Photoshop

• Types of Image Graphics

• Vector Graphics and Tools

• Scalar Graphics and Tools

• Interface Tour of Photoshop and Pallets

• File Types in Photoshop

• Getting Images into Photoshop

• Understanding Tools and Tool Settings

• Creating and Working with Layers

• Adjusting Images

• Color Adjustments to Images

• Working with Filters

• Using Vector-Based Tools

• Images exported from Photoshop

• About Fireworks

• About Basic & Vector shapes

• Format text

• Blending and transparency

• Creating and editing slices

• About Masking

• Hotspots and Image maps

• Create Fireworks PNG files from HTML files

• Preparing slices for export

• Optimize graphics files.

• Use the Export Wizard

• Using Fireworks with Dreamweaver

Javascript and Jquery

• Types of JS

• Fundamental of Client-Side JavaScript

• JavaScript Loops, Objects, Events

• Form Handling

• Dynamic Effects: Rollovers, Positioning, and Animation

• Advanced JavaScript

• JavaScript code and PHP

• jQuery Syntax

• Adding jQuery to Your Web Pages

• About Selectors

• Using Event Methods

• jQuery Effects and Animation

• Get Content and Attributes

• About getting and Set CSS Classes


• Bootstrap — CSS Overview

• Grid System

• About Typography and Code

• Tables, Forms and Images

• Buttons and Button Groups

• Bootstrap — Responsive utilities

• About Navigation Elements

• Bootstrap — Glyph icons

Web Animation

• Using Animate CC

• Creating Graphics and Text

• Using Library and Symbols

• Animation Basics

• Advanced Animation

• Adding Action Script

• Exporting Graphics and Animation in HTML5 Canvas


• Advantages of using WordPress

• Installing and Planning your WordPress site

• About WordPress themes

• Creating pages within WordPress

• Creating customized Menus

• About Sliders

• Advanced page options

• Images in WordPress

• Inserting a YouTube video into a page

• Linking WordPress pages & posts

• About WordPress Posts

• About WordPress plugins & widgets

• About Contact form

• About Social media sharing

• SEO in WordPress

Why should you join the Web Development Training Course in Chandigarh?

Employability Skills

Web Development Training Institute in Chandigarh emphasizes imparting students with the required employability skills like English, communications, soft skills and personality development to meet the requirements of the Digital Media sector.

Expert Faculty

The Web Development Training Center in Chandigarh curriculum has been specifically designed and delivered by our expert faculty who come with a good industry publication.

Placement Assistance

Our Web Development Training Course in Chandigarh provides quality education through career-oriented courses, managing good job placements through a dedicated Placement Team that is continually engaging with the industry.

Industry-specific Curriculum

Web Development Training Institute in Chandigarh offers our students an industry-centric curriculum along with the most advanced and original tools and software to get hands-on practical training needed by the industry.

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